Decorative Marquetry Panel

This is a large stylized Art Deco marquetry panel. It features two peacocks, a central palm tree, an abstract leaf background, mountains and a rising sun. It is approximately 4′ x 6′ in size and was constructed with a number of wood species including:  Sapele, dyed Poplar, Maple burl and curly Anigre. In addition I used copper, brass and pewter metals in the inlay.

The panel was completed in 2004 and was entered in the Design In Wood Ehibition that same year. This was my first entry in a woodworking competion. There were a number of excellent marquetry pieces in that show.  I competed against my mentor and friend, Paul Schurch, who taught me the technique of marquetry. He had urged me to enter the competition in spite of my reluctance.  I was very pleased with my Third Place ribbon behind Paul’s First and Second place awards.

One of the challenges I faced in this project was to find an adhesive that worked equally well with both metal and wood, which have very different physical characteristics.  It took considerable trial and error to find something that would work.  Another challenge was the magnitude of the project with the hundreds of pieces of inlay.  I estimate the time spent on the design and construction of this piece to be approximately 450 hours.

The panel is displayed as a center piece in a room of my home which I designed and built from the ground up.  The room was featured on HGTV – Look What I Did.  You can view the short video clip from that show here on this website.

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