Songbird Music Box


This box was designed and built in an effort to make a musical instrument in the form of a simple box.  It houses a Sankyo 72 note music box movement and also provides storage for memorbilia.  The movement plays Canon in D in three distinct parts.   The winder is located in the base of the box and there is a switch inside the box that allows the movement to be activated.

In the construction of this box I utilized a variety of materials which are period-appropriate for an Art Deco era piece.  These include Gaboon Ebony, Amboyna and Quilted Maple Burls, Mahogany, Shagreen (stingray leather) and Elephant Ivory (Pre-ban).  I hand cut the veneer for the Songbird Marquetry which is seen on all four sides of the box.  The approximate size of the box is 17″ x 11.5″ and 7″ tall.

The material selection was very important in maximizing the resonance of the movement and the box.  If the wood species used are too hard or too soft the sound is poor.  I found the best sound enhancement by using maple for the majority of the box.  The removable glass top over the movement not only protects it, but also enhances the sound.  The small brass legs which elevate the box off a solid surface aid in the sound quality and the resonance as well.   The box is finished with four coats of lacquer.

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