Secretary with bent lamination face

This piece was constructed with various veneers, bending Poplar and Mahogany solids.  I used Parquetry (a geometric pattern created as a result of different wood grains, colors and species) on the front and sides of the cabinet to give interest to an otherwise plain design.  This parquetry consists of flat sawn Mahogany, Mahogany crotch, as well as Walnut and Madrone burls.

The face was bent in four separate laminations over the poplar banding board.  The entire form was placed into the vacuum press with the facing veneer (Parquetry) bent and glued simultaneously with the other laminations.  I used a urea resin glue which holds the curve of the form once set.  Glue setup was expedited with the use of a heating blanket.  In spite of this, the laminated facing remained in the press for 10 hours to insure minimal distortion or spring-back.

Once out of the press, the facing was sanded and the final dimensions of the doors cut from the facing.  An ultra thin kerf blade was used to separate the lamination into right and left handed doors.  These doors are large and heavy.  I secured them to the cabinet with stainless steel piano hinges, which are 48″ long.

Inside the cabinet I used Mahogany solids which were fluted on my Shaper to provide a pattern reminiscent of the Art Deco style.   I fluted all the door and drawer facings as well as the light box located on the inside, top, of the cabinet.  The drawers all have heavy duty ball bearing glides for smooth operation.  It is finished in a satin Lacquer.

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