Dressing Table


This Woman’s Dressing Table (Vanity) was completed in 2011.  It is my original design and utilized only period appropriate materials and construction techniques.  The piece required approximately 900 hours to fabricate.  It received a First Place in Traditional Woodworking Furniture category in the 2011, Design in Wood Exhibition in San Diego, California.

Mahogany solids were veneered with custom, hand cut, Amboyna burl.  Amboyna solids were also used in the segmented legs.  These pieces were turned on the lathe and can be seen near the top of each leg.  The legs also utilized Rosewood and Ebony.  All black accents on the cabinet are solid Gaboon Ebony.  The Ebony was used on the door and drawer facings and required bent lamination to achieve the curves.  The inside of the cabinet is veneered with quilted Maple.  The cream colored cabinet door and drawer facings are covered with Shagreen leather.  There is also a considerable amount of Pre-Ban elephant ivory used.  This can be seen in the alternating Ebony and Ivory accents on much of the piece.  The mirror stand and the four accent pieces around the mirror are fabricated of cold rolled brass, which was then nickel plated.  The brass was cut on a water jet unit and final milling and finishing was done by hand.  The mirror frame also includes Ebony segments.

The cabinet is approximately 22″ deep by 54″ wide.  The cabinet is finished with conversion varnish.    There are a total of four drawers, two in the center section and one on each side cabinet.  The side cabinets also have two larger doors for storage.  The center of the cabinet has a large central compartment which is accessed by lifting the door lid.  The cabinet was designed to be broken down into a number of component parts for ease of finishing and transport.

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